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Attic Conversions

Attic conversions adds a real selling factor to your home. They can really add some value to your home in the event of selling your property. Attic conversions can be a real solution to many issues people may have with their homes, for example your attic can be converted to create another bedroom area or a study. Attics tend just to be areas for storage and people generally forget the scope of work they can achieve by converting their attic space. This solution can be a more cost effective means of increasing much needed floor area in your home.

If you are looking at creating more space in your home and converting your attic may be a solution for you, then contact Paul Kinsella Carpentry & Roofing. We are a reputable and fully insured local carpentry company that have a reputation for quality without compromise. We can advise you on the best solution for your attic conversion and bring you through the whole process of having an attic just for storage to having an extra room in your home. All our work is carried out to current building regulations and energy rating standards.

Attic conversions can be a straight forward process, as long as you have a carpenter that is adequately experienced and has the necessary knowledge to carry out the work. Keeping the structural integrity of your roof structure and ceiling joists is a must to avoid any unnecessary remedial work in the future.
Overall an attic conversion can do the world of good for you and your home. Instead of been an area to throw all your bits and pieces out of the way, your attic could be converted into a whole new room which can allow families to grow and for example possibly give your kids a room to where they can relax and hangout while you can relax in front of your TV in peace.

For any more information on converting your attic or if there is a job that you may wish for us to price then give Paul Kinsella Carpentry & Roofing a call on 085 783 2424